07 Mar - 08 Mar
Normal registration
24 Jan - 05 Mar 23:59

Jeddah Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship 2019

is part of the Saudi Jiu-Jitsu Federation Series.

Open to All Nationalities, All belts, Boys, Girls, Juveniles, Adults and Masters.


day 1 of the event (female - juvenile female - girls)

7th of March - Check in

Starts - 16:00

Ends - 17:30

Day 2 of the event (male - juvenile male - boys)     

8th of March - Check in

Starts - 10:00

Ends - 12:00

*Note - Fighters are required to bring in their IDs. Those who fail to bring their IDs during check ins will be disqualified immediately.

Fighters will weigh-in without the Gi. (Example: Rash Guard and Shorts)

Only Blue, White, and Black Gis are alllowed in the event.


day 1 of the event (female - Juvenile Female - Girls)

7th of March - Championship

Starts - 16:30

day 2 of the event (male - Juvenile Male - Boys)

8th of March - Championship

starts - 13:30

Fighters are recommended to be present in the weigh-in area 1 hour before their fights. The pace of the event will be determined by how the matches go.


Refunds will only be allowed if there's no fighters in the division and the athlete does not want the medal.

*Note - In case this happens, fighters are allowed to have the option of keeping their credits in their account for future event registration or membership renewal.


7576 Al Istad Ar Riyadi »
Timezone: Asia/Riyadh


  • Male 20 USD
  • Female 20 USD
  • Juvenile Male 20 USD
  • Juvenile Female 20 USD
  • Boys 20 USD
  • Girls 20 USD